£40,000 for Exeter public art

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The developers behind the Jury’s Inn Hotel, which is being built in Exeter’s Western Way, have ear-marked £40,000 for art for the city.

It is part of a £90,000 contribution to the city council as part of a planning agreement.

Richard Short, head of planning services at the city council, said: “The Section 106 agreement for Jury’s Hotel allowed it to either incorporate public art into the building or pay an agreed sum to the council to use for public art in the vicinity.

“The developer elected to make the payment and £39,840 was received last December.

“The council has to spend the sum in five years. The vicinity is not defined, but I would consider it should be within a mile, and closer would be better.”

Gay Smith, secretary of the Newtown Community Association, said: “I think it will be wonderful, as long as residents have a say.

“We have already had some Section 106 (planning agreement) money for public art and other things in the area and we were consulted on them.

“As long as the council consults with the community, I think it will be wonderful and I think most people will think so, too.”

Mrs Smith said a local artist should be involved with the project.

She said: “We have a lot of artists living in the community so I would think they would put in for tender for the project.”.

Read the full article, where the Express and Echo can’t help but get its knickers in a twist.



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