Thelma Hulbert Gallery

8 Things you didn’t know about art galleries

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Art galleries can sometimes seem a bit unapprochable but the Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG) in Honiton, Devon, shows a friendly face and guides you through a few things you maybe didn’t know…

1. ‘Art Galleries are intimidating’ – not true. An art gallery can seem intimidating from the outside but galleries- including THG- welcome all art lovers. There is always a cheery face to welcome you here.

2. ‘Art Galleries are not for children’ – no way! Bring the kids along to see the exhibitions and come upstairs to our Learning Room and get messy! Enjoy a fun afternoon and no need for Mums to worry about clearing up paint afterwards.

3. “I don’t understand art, I was useless at school”. You may not think you’re the next Picasso but you probably know what you like, come and rediscover art.

4. There is no need to talk. You will not be quizzed about the exhibition, you can take it in at your own pace. but…

5. …You can ask questions. If you want to know more, please ask a volunteer, they will be happy to chat. Not only is it part of their job, it is also more fun for them.

6. Art galleries are not all expensive. Admission is free at THG– you can drop in and wander around whenever we are open.

7. Art galleries are not just about oil paintings. Come and explore different art forms – maybe a photography or animated film exhibition will spark your interest.

8. Public art galleries are open to everyone which means they are for you!

What’s On at the Thelma Hubert Gallery in 2015
· ‘Evolver Prize 2015’ 4 July – 29 August
Exhibition including the winning artwork and 49 runners up
· ‘Flock Together’ 12 September – 17 October
Exhibition exploring sheep farming in the Blackdown Hills
· ‘Present Makers 2015’ 7 November – 19 December
Annual selling exhibition of contemporary craft by leading SW makers

Check out the website at or give them a ring on 01404 45006 to find out more about activities at THG.