Alaric Hammond: From Cheek to blushing Cheek

Alaric Hammond: From Cheek to Blushing Cheek exhibition

Alaric Hammond‘s latest exhibition From Cheek to Blushing Cheek, is at East London’s Forge and Co.

According to The Outsiders’ site:

Alaric has developed a diverse practice of painting, drawing, collage and fine art printmaking centred around his fresh approach to the traditional technique of etching. Alongside intaglio and monotype printing the artist often employs a variety of unique acid bath techniques to corrode metal plates combined in assemblages which dramatise the effect of decades of wear from the natural passage of time and weather, at the hand of man in the form of pollution, neglect and vandalism.

You can get a flavour of the work on show in the From Cheek to Blushing Cheek exhibition with the canvasses on display on Alaric’s site.

Alaric Hammond: From Cheek To Blushing Check runs from Friday, October 31 to November 7, 2014. The exhibition at Forge and Co is open weekdays from noon to 7pm; weekends, noon to 5pm, Admission free.