Art Trek blog: 9.30pm. Tuesday, June 16

A few calls from artists wanting the bright yellow, festival banners to highlight their venues – but all are in use for other events taking place over this period. The festival team very kindly agreed to try to make up for this by designing and printing a couple of A3 posters for each Art Trek artist (nearly 100) That’s a lot of printing. Hopefully a drama averted.

While I was out on my belated birthday lunch, more artists emailed, offering to make sandwiches and cheese straws for the Art Trek launch on Thursday – I think all will be ok now (or is it just the haze of my lunch taking over here!).

Really there is not much more I can do, just hand out the Art Trek brochures wherever I go. The real work to make the event happen started way back in November, with the call for artists, sourcing host venues for those artists who don’t have suitable studio space, followed by marketing and press releases, designing the brochure, signage and invites and all the minutiae that goes to making an event successful.

Now I can relax a bit, enjoy the launch and visit various artists during the Trek.

Artists details and a brochure are downloadable from the North Devon Festival site – click on the Art Trek logos.

Stella Levy
Art Trek organiser