Gabrielle Hoad Observatotry

Artist networking explored with Nexus – a collaboratively curated exhibition in Exeter

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Gabrielle Hoad Observatotry

It sounds like the kind of thing the Twitterati, or should that be Twitter-Arty, would love, an exhibition which aims to highlight the way artists operate in networks. In Nexus, an exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, four contemporaty Exeter-based artists have invited artists from their own personal creative networks – both within and beyond the South West – to exhibit alongside them in this group show.

The starting point for a network is often geographic location, but personal and professional relationships, creative practices and intersections with other networks and organisations all build up that broad group, which these artists have called on to bypass the usual curatorial process for their exhibition.

The idea of the garden was a symbolic format for the presentation of these otherwise unrelated works, the four original artists (Gabrielle Hoad, Francis Ives, Volkhardt Mueller and Felicity Shillingford) not only highlight ideas of growth, cultivation and cross-pollination, but more broadly of cultural landscape and a sense of geographical place.

Francis Ives

The artists that they have invited to exhibit alongside them are Rupert White, Sally Barker, Jockel Liess, Adam Bone, George Lazenbleep, Alexander Schikowski, Pria Kundi and Katie Etheridge.

Nexus is at the Exeter Phoenix Gallery from Friday, July 16 to Wednesday, September 1.

• Eye Opener Discussion: Wednesday, August4 , 10.45am. FREE. Places must be booked in advance from the Box Office: 01392 667080. 
A sociable, half-hour gallery-based discussion on the current exhibition.

(images: top Gabrielle Hoad’s Observatory; above, Francis Ives 1 M)



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