Cadbury tree

Behold the magic chocolate tree!

Forests are magical and mysterious places full of surprise and wonder… and if you’re lucky, a chocolate tree!

Having grown up near Bournville, I’m quite used to chocolate trees, and a chocolate river running through the town in Birmingham (go check it out, and see for yourself… honest), and now Cadbury’s are extending that wonder with their Joyville campaign.

So, if you see llamas protecting a tree in a forest near you, don’t be scared, just be awed.

Of course the magic of trees is well known – the Faraway Tree hoisted Enid Blyton’s Moonface, Silky, et al in to different worlds of wondrous adventure; the walking tree creatures the Ents helped saved Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings; and Dora the Explorer has her own chocolate tree, too.

A few years ago, I caught up with a Mike Smallcombe, a photographic artist, whose work exposed some of the imagery associated with forests and the countryside. He extended that with his Ghosts in the Wood exhibition at Haldon Forest, near Exeter.

It seems our relationship with nature is full of wonder and exploration. Just take a look at how these people approach the glowing purple tree of wonder in the clip.

So if you see what looks like a Cadbury tree, approach with excited awe, but if you see a gingerbread house, maybe it’s best just to pass it by and pop to the shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.