Antonio Marguet

Bubble-gum factory inspiration for Antonio Marguet at the Exeter Phoenix

Growing up between Syria and Spain, Antonio Marguet attributes a childhood fascination with sculpting plastic objects to the influence of his father’s bubble-gum factory.

Now based in London, Antonio works at the boundary between sculpture, installation and photography, bringing together a range of interdisciplinary skills to create highly original, unconventional and often humorous objects. These are carefully photographed before the originals are destroyed – the image ultimately becoming their only remaining record.

Antonio is fascinated by the use of props and surrogates. Images become objects, the real is concealed and the photograph becomes a mythological or fetishistic object.

This exhibition brings together works from recent bodies of work Toenail Constellations and Deodorant Games as well as the first viewing of new work from his latest series Skin of Shark’s Teeth.

Antonio Marguet: The Compelling Allure of Golden Yellow is at the Exeter Phoenix from 17 June to 31 August, 2015.


(from a press release)