Come to Ours

Come To Ours for a personal approach to Plymouth as a city of art

Come to Ours

To navigate a few of the less travelled currents of Plymouth’s involvement in the British Art Show 7, there’s the comfily titled Come To Ours, which in its own words is ‘a programme of activity and events that celebrates and showcases the work of both emerging and established artists and curators.

It’s been put together and steered by a group of movers and shakers of the Plymouth art world, the full run down of which you can find on the Come To Ours site.

Come To Ours runs in conjunction with, and compliments the larger Plymouth Fringe, and highlights a number of superb events: the Video Takeway, The Fireplace Gallery and A Circle, to name but three.

The shared aims of the group includes celebrating and showcasing emerging and artists, using unusual and unconventional sites in the city, and reflect the existing quality of artist-driven activity in the city while building momentum for more.

But what stood out was their wish to ‘develop a programme of events that offers a more personal or human approach and one that addresses the problem of ‘unfamiliarity’ for those visiting the city for BAS7’.

Come To Ours and check out Plymouth.