Precious Integrations' by Sara Fell

Contemporary Glass Society Awards ‘Best Glass Graduate’ to Plymouth College of Art student

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Precious Integrations'  by Sara Fell

A graduate of Plymouth College of Art has added another award to her mantel for achievements in glass making. This comes at a time when the college is celebrating the launch of a new degree specialising exclusively in working with glass.

Sara Fell from Launceston, is a glass designer and graduate of the college’s Applied Arts school. She was awarded the New Designers Contemporary Glass Society Associate Prize, for the best glass graduate at the prestigious annual exhibition held in London.

The judges said Sara’s work was ‘outstanding in terms of design and quality.

Sara said: “I wanted to thank Plymouth College of Art for all of its support past and present.

“New Designers is so important, it is the be-all and end-all; the make-or-break of our careers, so I’m delighted to have won this prize.

“My favourite thing about New Designers is the incredible opportunity to expose my work in London. My top tip for students exhibiting at New Designers in future is to try your hardest and always be professional, something which studying at Plymouth College of Art has taught me.”

Sara is thrilled to have been given the support of her favourite conceptual Jeweller Ted Noten and goes straight from New Designers to a Summer School with him in Amsterdam.

She scooped the first prize worth £1500 which includes a cash award of £250, £100 worth of materials from Warm Glass, Photographic shoot of the winning student’s work (worth £750) & a promotional and membership package (worth £400).

Her previous achievements include second place in the students category for the National Warm Glass Prize, Inspired By… Access Award by the V&A Museum, Winner of the Pewter Live competition, as well as exhibiting in the past in the CGS ‘Unpolished’ exhibition.

For those who want to try glass designing and making, the college offers free taster workshops. To register email

For more information about Foundation Degrees, BA Honours, and Masters programmes at Plymouth College of Art visit

(image Precious Integrations by Sara Fell, courtesy of  Simon Gomery)