Fine art protectors to the rescue!

Taking care of fine art is one of those ‘other people’s problems’ that Douglas Adams said drove the universe, but for some the care of artwork is a very real responsibility they take on for all of us.

Scratch a business person (do it, it annoys them!), and they usual refer back to a theory they heard third hand about a triangle of needs (that’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, to the uninitiated), and point out that creativity is a the top, and make the shocking dedication that no-one needs art.

Supposing that we believe Maslow and ignore the ten-a-penny business wannabes peddling their doilies, art is at the top of the triangle – the pinnacle of the hierarchy of needs.

But art, fine art, needs looking after, care and protection. How else are we to maintain our signposts from the past to the future? What will happen if the cultural jumping off points fade away? And who will take the responsibility to care for such rare and important works?

Step up Fine Art Logistics, who have just opened a new fine art hub in Luxembourg.

‘Strategically located in the heart of Europe, this leading-edge infrastructure is dedicated to the handling, storage and trading of exclusive artworks, precious metals and fine wines,’ says the blurb.

Whatever you hold to be precious, at the pinnacle of human achievement, they know how to handle.

Take a look at the video, and find out that ‘Fine Art Logistics NLC and its wide range of activities support art and exclusive collective pieces with dedication and expertise.’

And, ‘the long-term preservation of most valuable objects is crucial by nature as they constitute and extraordinary bond with the history of mankind. ‘ We would have said people-kind – we’re a bunch of hippies – but you get the point!

To mark the opening of its brand new Le Freeport Luxembourg, there’s a special offer – click through to find out what it is.