The Joy of Making in Wolverhampton

Helen Snell in Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s The Joy of Making exhibition

The Joy of Making in Wolverhampton
The Joy of Making at Wolverhampton Art Gallery: Cards – Polish paper cuts © Wolverhampton Arts & Heritage

It’s with great joy we can let you know about Helen Snell‘s commission from Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage as part of the exhibition The Joy of Making.

Helen, who’s based in Devon, specialises in creating fun, thoughtful and original work with laser cut paper, and has been called on to create works as part of the new exhibition, which runs from February 11 to April 14.

This exhibition will celebrate the joy of making, and bring together handmade objects from Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s permanent collection alongside contemporary creations incorporating these traditional skills.

For the exhibition, Helen has created over 50 laser cut paper vessels. The vivid colours of the vessels are inspired by the vitality of the Polish folk art designs shown in the exhibition and in the museum’s archives.

19th and 20th century needlework samplers, an intriguing array of baskets from all over the world, Polish folk paper cut decorations, handmade decorative cards and toys will share space at the exhibition, united through a demonstration of the unique value and skill inherent in their creation.

Alongside objects from Wolverhampton’s collection is craftwork created by local people. Items from the collection have been used to help promote a sense of wellbeing. Wooden toys, handmade felt and rag rug samples are shown within the exhibition.

It will be a striking and colourful exhibition demonstrating the universal appeal and practice of arts and crafts. There will be interactive elements which will encourage visitors to engage with exhibits and explore key themes. And Helen’s work always inspires an appreciative smiles.