Helen Snell: Liquid Landscapes diary. Prototypes

Liquid Landscapes Diary 3: March 25, 2009. First Prototypes

I have rooted about in my collection of old packaging nets, looking for shapes and structures to customise. I have found an old, very kitsch party box which has a lovely curved bow type shape (galleon?) and a very elegant folded fastening.

I can use and adapt this structure to make a net for ‘boat’, if I elongate the middle section into a thin barge like shape this will make a good starting point.

No fussy detail, boats need to be notional, suggestive but also ambiguous, so that they can potentially be used as units in a giant construction set, variously configured – separate shapes that en masse become colonies, battalions, rafts, barrages, petals or chaotic disordered masses.

Did some sketches, made up the prototypes out of white card and emailed all to Stephan. He is in Dartington til the end of the weekend and wanted to see some prototypes before flying back to L.A.