Donkey Art Prize

International Donkey Art Prize from Blindonkey has €2000 on offer for photography and painting

Blindonkey – the Italian not-for-profit cultural association which aims to establish a link between art, photography, fashion and music – has launched it’s third Donkey Art Prize – with €2000 on offer for the winners.

The purpose of the prize is to develop a ‘global network of artists, coming from different backgrounds and cultures, through international exhibition and events’.

‘We’d like to think about our prize more like an opportunity for artists to become professionals,’ say the Blindonkeys behind the prize.

There are two categories: Painting and Photography. And there are two winners in under 30 and over 30 age ranges. Plus there are 50 finalists in each category.

And the finalists will be invited to display their work in one of the galleries of the Donkey Art Prize circuit between June and September 2015 in the cities of Milan, Saint Petersburg, Miami and Tokyo.

The jury for the prize is made of up Nicoletta Boschiero from MART museum, Giampieo Riva of Instagram Italy, John Rasmussen and other critics, curators, collection of journalists who will judge the works with an anonymous vote.

Capish? Pop over to the Donkey Art Prize page for the full details (there’s a €35 entry fee) and to apply. The deadline in May 5, 2015.

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