Kidauka’s kitsch and colourful carnvial: Spacex

In her first first solo UK exhibition Canadian artist Laura Kidauka has been given the run of the Exeter’s Spacex Gallery.

It’s a Celebration of Failure (no really, that the title) and it’s entirely made up of found objects – she sees rubbish dumps as contemporary cultural museums.

The effect is ‘a high-impact sensory overload’, according Spacex exhibitions co-ordinator Mandy Barber. There’s a pure white room, and an eccentric and colourful room complete with table tennis and record player to play your own tunes, says Mandy. So, pack your pockets full of vinyl and prepare to party – is that the kind of florid excess the show notes are on about? Or perhaps the failure…

Apparently, ‘she work raises questions about taste, waste, consumerism, collections and consumption’, reflecting the debate about the environment, mass culture and capitalism.

Exhibition Launch
Saturday, March 7 3-5pm with a talk by Laura Kikauka at 4pm, all welcome.
The exhibition is open from 10am to 5pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays until May 2