Life drawing exhibition at Harbour House

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Life, an exhibition of life drawing from the life drawing classes at the Kingsbridge Arts and Yoga Centre, is due to kick off on March at the Harbour House gallery.

The life drawing group has been led by Dick Bruff, and it seems to have take on a life of its own, with tutored life drawing classes, intensive weekend workshops, as well as those who go in untutored drawing.

Susan Stallard, who represents the group, told WOSW: “We are a varied group of artists: mostly amateur, and many gifted.

“All of us are passionate about the exploration of the human figure in pencil, charcoal or paint.

“We only have two two-hour sessions in which to capture the essence of our model, which finely tunes our observational skills and without a doubt enhances other areas of our work.”

Catch the life-drawing work at Harbour House, Kingsbridge, between March 10 to March 22



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