All you need is love at Delamore Gallery

All You Need Is Love, apparently, at the Delamore Gallery. Which may not cut it if you try to walk away with some of the work of the more than 40 painters, sculptors, photographer and craftspeople who make up this exhibition celebrating all aspects of passion, affection and desire… to which we’d add recrimination and bitterness – but then we are romantics.

The prints of Trevor Price (one of which is pictured, above) will be on show. As will the work of Paul Angel, who been snapping graffiti hearts for the past three years, wherever he’s seen them.

Also included are the works of Michele Wright, Richard Lannowe Hall, Hilary Soper, Jane Burt, Sara Downham Lotto, Gareth McCorry, Charlie O’Sullivan, Beverly Madley, Teresa Wicksteed, and Audrey Kellow. There’s jewellery from Heidi Scott, Gill Bridgestock, and Michael Peckitt.

Outside there will be sculptures by, among others, Helen Sinclair ARBS, Siobhan Jones, Ama Menec, Pauline Lee, Audrey Ryder, Christina Wainwright, Oliver Strong. And there are inside pieces by Jenny Southam, Vera Stride, Juliette Medder, Nicola Werner, Barry Guppy, Carole Rolfe, to name, not a few, but you get the idea.

The show runs until March 29.

• Check out Paul Angel’s blog: love|landscape