dragon at lyme regis

Mythology unearthed on the Jurassic Coast

The South West has long been renowned for its mythical and magical nature, but who’d have thought that a dragon would turn up on the beach of the Jurassic Coast.

A dragon skull was seemingly washed up on the Lyme Regis shoreline, for the locals to amaze that the remains of a mythological creature would be released by the sea. Almost like the narwhal flotsam that coast-dwellers once thought were proof of the existence of unicorns.

The skeleton, though, was not the remains of a dragon, but a much more modern reminder of the strength of the creative industries to highlight Blinkbox’s Game of Thrones offering.

It was the creative brain-child of sculptor Dave Croswell for the Blinkbox art department.

History and mythology combine in the supremely popular Games of Thrones series, which has its inspirational roots in the intrigue of European History, as well as European folklore.

As you would expect, dragons play a large part in that folklore, and are an important part of the series.

Still, as a piece of art for the public to engage with and enjoy, the dragon on the Jurassic Coast was a sight to behold.

Watch the video to see how it went down with the beachcombers. And click through the video to find out how you can catch Game of Thrones on Blinkbox.