The Lowry

A new exhibition showcasing the work of LS Lowry opens at… The Lowry

A new exhibition showcasing the work of LS Lowry opens at The Lowry with more gallery space than ever before dedicated to the Salford artist.

LS Lowry: The Art & The Artist features new work on display including a rare painting of The Liver Buildings in Liverpool (The Liver Building, Liverpool 1959) and a preparatory drawing of Going to the Match (1953), on loan from the Professional Footballers’ Association, which will be displayed alongside its world-famous namesake for the very first time.

Coming from the Mill (1930), Man Lying on a Wall (1957) and Portrait of Ann (1957), three of Lowry’s most-famous works, will also form part of the exhibition.

Claire Stewart, curator of The Lowry Collection at The Lowry, said: “We’re proud to house the world’s largest public collection of Lowry work – and in extending the exhibition in this way we further strengthening that position as the home of LS Lowry.

“Some of the new works on display haven’t been seen in public for many years and we are grateful to the owners for the opportunity to present them to our gallery visitors. This new exhibition will also look at Lowry’s contemporaries and highlight what life was like in in Salford in the early 1900s.”

The new exhibition replaces Lowry Favourites, the long-standing permanent collection of LS Lowry work that has been on display at the Salford arts centre since 2010.

LS Lowry: The Art & The Artist is opens  on Saturday 13 June 2015. For more information, visit the Lowry site.