Oil painting found in the South Hams could fetch £250,000 at auction

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An 18th century Italian landscape oil painting, unearthed in the South Hams is looking to fetch around £250,000 when it goes up for auction at Bonhams in London on July 8.

Charles Lanning, from Bonhams in Devon, told the Herald Express: “The painting turned up as the result of a valuation I did at a small cottage in the South Hams.

“The client knew it was a valuable picture, but it was attributed to the wrong artist. The client had no idea what its auction value would be.”

The work is by Andrea Locatelli and called View of the Tiber looking towards the Castel Sant Angelo, with Saint Peter’s in the distance.

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(Image: another picture by Andrea Locatelli – this one’s in Auckland Art Gallery)



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