Plymouth Aural Survey

Plymouth… music… and you!

Plymouth Aural Survey

Do you have a special tune as you boogie down Plymouth’s Armada Way? Sound artist Neil Rose will conduct a survey of how people navigate Plymouth while listening to music.

During a 12-hour period Neil will approach people who are wearing headphones and ask them a series of questions – we can only hope they unplug their lugholes to hear them.

Neil will ask those age-old philosophical chestnuts: “Where have you come from?” and “Where are you going?” and ask to record a snippet of the music the people are listening to.

From the results an animated audio canvass of the day will be compiled, which will be available to download for free and will be screened at selected venues around the city. It’s all part of the Come To Ours series of events throughout the city that compliments the British Art Show 7 hoopla.

For more information, shuffle along to the Plymouth Aural Survey page on the Come To Ours site or check out the Plymouth Aural Survey site itself.