Plymouth artist Scott Daniels asks audience to ‘create and destroy’ as part of Co.Lab exhibition at Plymouth College of Art

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Visitors to Plymouth College of Art’s View Point Gallery are invited to take part in an interactive artwork this month as part of a the Co.Lab, Plymouth artist Scott Daniels‘ first solo show.

Audience members will be asked to take both a creative and destructive role in the new ‘shredder’, which will produce waste as part of the work.

Scott told Arts+Culture: “To feed the shredder, I am using pages from biographies bought at car boot sales and from charity shops. I have acquired biographies from people such as Katie Price, Paul O’Grady, the first Prime Minster of India, Jawaharlal Nehru and Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut. While going through the machine, random biography pages become shredded and then scattered around the space via a powerful fan.”

“There are different calibres of celebrity amongst the biographies I have collected. This makes it all the more interesting to see the fragments of these stories mixing on the floor, being trodden on or blown around the space. Due to the fact that people in the installation have to work together to get the full experience of it, people who have never met may end up working together.”

Hannah Jones, exhibitions co-ordinator, said: “Scott sets out to involve people directly in the process of finishing the artwork, both by passing through the space, triggering parts of the installation to life, and by allowing the public to make their mark on the work. As the installation begins to produce waste, it will perhaps instil a sense of responsibility in viewers.”

Running from Monday, November 9 to Saturday, December 5, his first solo exhibition, named Co.Lab, promises to be both interactive and collaborative.

Scott will also work with Spatial Design degree students at the college to explore the possibilities for reconfiguring the installation during the run of the exhibition, and with other participants who will provide raw material for the show.

Scott Daniels from Estover is an emerging artist who has recently returned to Plymouth after studying Fine Art at University College Falmouth. To see more, visit his website.

Co.Lab runs from Monday, November 9 to Saturday, December 5 at the Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art.

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