Plymouth artist Steve Clement-Large aims to go viral

Plymouth artist Steve Clement Large has created a short film in an attempt to build on his socially networked fan-base.

Steve runs the My Dog Ate Art site, which by its own admission is probably the best art blog in Plymouth. It covers his own work and is read in 93 countries in the world.

Refreshingly, the welcome on My Dog Ate Art is ‘This is my stuff… some quite good… some not so good… just trying to be honest with it… if you find any of it is embarrassing, just think about how I feel…’

We will Steve, we will…

Check out My Dog Ate Art

3 thoughts on “Plymouth artist Steve Clement-Large aims to go viral”

  1. I remember Steve Clement-Large and his My Dog Ate Art Site from over at thisisplymouth fourms, and I must say that I found his work quite wonderful at the time. Looking at his site now I can see that this has not changed! Being that he trying to go viral one can only wish him well, and good luck with his project. It nice to see good work coming out of the city of plymouth. Its just a shame that local institutions such as Plymouth Art Centre do not do enough to encourage the local arts scene, but can find the money to commission the likes of Lucy Orta – with their stale conceptualism.

    My Dog Ate My Art I hope your project will viral all over the place!


  2. Thanks Nick for your very kind comments – i think anyone trying to raise their profile has to just go out and do it (as an ageing punk the DIY ethic is strong within me) – I’m not backward at coming forward – and this has cost me nothing but a little time

    Just tell your friends :-)


  3. Steve – at the moment DIY ethic is all that we have to fall back on, therfore we go forward – onwards, and upwards.

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