Recycled cans kicks-starts new career as artist

It’s the kind of story that belongs to a mini-series of the 80s. A Plymouth property developer falls on hard times and spends more time on his art work to relax and take him away from his woes. He develops a technique using recycled cans as part of the canvass to reflect his seascapes he paints. The paintings are seen by a passing photographer, who introduces said painter to a gallery owner and the work is valued at £4,000 a pop.

That’s what’s happened to Wembury-based David Phillips. The former property developer cuts up cans and uses the metal to make the waves stand out in his paintings. He can use up to 30 cans on one canvass, and apparently, under a spot light ‘the recycled tins give off a glint almost bringing the sea to life’.

David’s work was picked up by gallery owner Mike Hocking, who runs the Masa Fine Art gallery at the Royal William Yard. And a London show is expected for later in the year.

(The image is recycled cans, by the way, and is no reflection of David’s work, which we couldn’t find on the internet – although, granted we didn’t look amazingly hard but he’s not on the Masa Gallery site)

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