Sarah Bowman’s Moments of Being at the White Space Gallery, Totnes

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Sarah Bowman’s Moments of Being exhibition takes place at the White Space Art Gallery, Totnes from Saturday, November 7 to Saturday, November 21.

The introduction blurb by Elspeth Moncrieff that accompanies the exhibition says: “Sarah is what dealers would describe in their rather curious jargon as ‘a mid-career artist’.” And that she has been linked to the St Ives School, particularly painters Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood and Mary Fedden.

Sarah has also been influenced by Renaissance fresco painting, ‘the use of the tromple l’oeil devid of the window looking on to a distant landscape and a foreground narrative framing a distant view’.

To get a glimpse of some of Sarah’s work, pop along to the White Space site. And have a read of Elspeth’s full introduction.