Louise Dear

Seductive and colourful Alfa Romeo by Louise Dear of Totnes

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Louise Dear

Totnes-based artist Louise Dear has given the new Alfa Romeo MiTo a brand new paint job.

Louise says: “I am a painter with a simple ambition… to create beautiful paintings.

“I am passionate about colour, shocking, vibrant and intense, continually exploring the power it has to invade our senses and influence our emotions.

It’s not only cars Louise paints. Her subjects ran from story-book beautiful children, to demure yet subtly provocative nudes.”

She’s influenced by Utamoro and artists of the ‘floating world’ and more recently their influence on the Art Deco period of the early 20th century.

“I am a painter in love with painting; with a passion and urgent need to create,” she says.

The Alfa Romeo image is modelled on her 17-year-old daughter Lama, and incorporates elements of the Alfa Romeo logo and brand’s Cloverleaf symbol.

The car will tour Castle Galleries in Birmingham, Norwich and Cardiff Bay.