Stephen Fuller’s view of Brunel’s bridge

Saltash resident artist Stephen Fuller looks out on Brunel’s rail bridge over the Tamar, and gets inspired, and this year, so might many more as the bridge celebrates its 150th year, and Stephen notches up more paintings investigating the light and lines of the majestic structure.

Stephen, a Drawn to the Valley artist, has painted the rail bridge that connects Devon and Cornwall more than 60 times.

“I’ve painted the bridge in every mood over the years,” Stephen told the Plymouth Herald. “I can see it from everywhere in the house. I could paint it now without even looking at it because I’ve looked at it so many times and really studied it. I know every part of it, how it’s put together and how it works.

“This familiarity allows me to paint straight on to the canvas without making sketches first. I can visualise what I want to do and always start off with a black canvas because that way all the light is being put on by me.”

To see more of Stephen’s work, visit his website.

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