Tanya Morel's Greedy Gwen

Tanya Morel creates a world of wry melancholy and tattooed women

The eagle-eyed art aficionados of the south west and beyond will have recognised the presence of a somewhat insolent looking woman popping up hither and thither. The image in question is that Greedy Gwen, who’s been at the National Original Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in London in September 2014; the RWA show in Bristol, and has now made her way to the cover of Ma Bain‘s latest album.

Greedy Gwen is the creation of creative whirly gig Tanya Morel, whose work will feature in the Limekiln Gallery exhibition in February, an Open Studios event in Bristol in May, and who has an exhibition of prints at the Exeter Phoenix in June.

Tanya’s visual arts practice covers drawing, sculpture, printing, painting, animation of filmmaking. She’s also part of the award-winning visual arts group Oddbodies, which has been wowing people with their atmospheric and left-field movies for years.

‘I’m always trying to capture an atmosphere in my work, it often seems to turn out as wryly melancholic, not sure why,’ says Tanya on her site.

At the moment Tanya is working on a series of paintings of women with tattoos, which brings us back to Greedy Gwen.

To find out more about Tanya pop over to her website, or pop into Cornwall’s Limekiln Gallery in February, where her prongs will be included in the Fresh Off The Press 2015 exhibition, feature new work by members of Mary Gillett’s Print Workshop.