Tart Card

Tart Cards: oh so appealing, at Plymouth’s Viewpoint gallery

Tart Card

The history and the graphic power of the Tart Card – the piece of paper stuck in phone booths to advertise certain ‘services’ – is explored in the titularly titled Tart Cards exhibition at Plymouth College of Art’s Viewpoint gallery.

The cards are now regarded as ‘accidental art’ and the show, curated by Caroline Archer (Reader in Typography at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design), is about designers being inspired by the genus of the tart card and applying it to a type face.

Since 2009 Caroline has been inviting designers, artists, illustrators and photographers from around the world to participate in the ‘type-tart project’ to maintain and raise the profile of London graphic arts library St Bride.

The project brief invited designers to anthropomorphize a typeface or a letter of the alphabet and to produce a card, using the tart card genre, to promote its ‘personality’ and ‘services’.

The exhibition opens with a public talk by Caroline on Wednesday, January 11 at 5pm at Plymouth College of Art.

• The exhibition is at the Viewpoint gallery, Plymouth College of Art from January 9 to January 27. Entry is free. For more on the exhibition, and times, pop along to the Viewpoint gallery page on the Plymouth College of Art site.