What does your favourite flower say about you? Find out when you pick your favourite flower

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A splash of colour and a heady scent are why flowers help you feel a little happier, and aesthetically and smell wise, each person has a favourite.

Even if you’re a novice to the whole flower thing, the people have put together a hunky interactive vid that lets you explore and pick out your own favourite blooms.

The symbolism of flowers has deep roots in the art world, and the social etiquette of awarding people flowers still indicates elegance, manners and thoughtfulness.

You don’t have to be on the look out for your own favourite – the interactive movie shows you bunches of flowers with a ‘more info’ button to find out more.

Maybe you’d like to send a message to someone with the flowers that you pick. Freesias symbolise innocence and virtue, for example, and the plant that was once seen as nostalgic is making a comeback – a nice mix of the modern and traditional.

If you do traverse the bare-chested pluckers (health and safety anyone?) to choose your favourite flower you’ll be in to win a huge bouquet of them for yourself, or your nearest and dearest.

We’ve had a vote around the office and gone for the Alstroemeria ourselves, with its twisted leaves and bright flowers symbolising friendship and devotion, but we’re a sentimental lot. Try it out yourself