Dropped Clown

Making legends out of ordinary people

Part social experiment, part reality TV show and part ad campaign, Dropped aims to create legends out of ordinary people put into extraordinary situations.

The Dropped campaign is from Heineken, and is proclaimed as ‘a social experiment that will challenge the participant to display their true character and if they do, have a legendary travel experience’.

It certainly can be disturbing to watch – in the latest instalment, Clint Jacobs, a graphic designer from South Africa, is blindfolded and led by a bunch of clowns to a small aircraft, where he will be parachuted out over the Polish border.

Dropped aims to take people out of their comfort zone and see how they survive, and watch as they become a legend.

Clint’s task was to get to Berlin and put on a circus show with nothing more than his boyish charm and resourceful nature.

And Clint isn’t the only one to be put through his paces. There’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to the adventures of the Dropped participants, including Rikar who was to fend for himself in Alaska; Stavros who made his way through Cambodia; and William, who traversed Morocco.

But does the social experiment work?

“It’s hard living under the same sun, but the truth is we all are one,” says Clint.

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