Three Spires Singers and Orchestra

‘Proper Job!’: Three Spires Singers and Orchestra in the lovely surroundings of Truro Cathedral (review)

Truro Cathedral – Saturday November 18

As a former schoolteacher, examiner – and now reviewer – it’s always vital to remain objective where any assessments are involved.

Of course, as individual human beings it’s inevitable that we might warm to some more readily than to others, but we have to put this behind us, when holding the reviewer’s pencil – rather like the examiner who is encouraged to say ‘Thank You’ to every response in the exam, even when they know that response to be wrong.

Having acknowledged that, I am still at liberty to say how much I particularly enjoy reviewing Three Spires Singers in the lovely surroundings of Truro Cathedral. Everyone is so very welcoming, I get the best seat in the house, and they’re an excellent choir under Cathedral Director of Music, Chris Gray, with an orchestra to match, led by Pauline Lowbury.

On this occasion they were also joined by four stunning young soloists, one of whom was our own David Webb, now making a real name for himself in the capital, but initially a chorister at Truro, and head chorister at Exeter Cathedrals.

Everyone was on top form in Haydn’s Insanae et Vanae Curae, and Dvořák’s lovely Stabat Mater, and Schumann’s much-loved Piano Concerto, with local soloist Paul Comeau, provided some welcome contrast to the vocal music on offer – a format they adopt, from time to time, instead of devoting the whole evening to a much longer single choral piece.

In fact, you might sum the whole evening up just by two words in the vernacular: ‘Proper Job!’

You can read my full review here at Seen and Heard International.

Philip R Buttall

Philip Buttall

Philip Buttall

Philip R Buttall was the Classical Music Writer at Plymouth Herald from 1997-2017. He is a sought-after piano teacher, composer and arranger, and online concert and CD reviewer. Further information and contact details are available at
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