Wondercool, wondercool Copenhagen!

Copenhagen has always been cool, and now it’s Wondercool! The whole hip city is being turned into a culture fest for February, featuring art, architecture, design, fashion, food and music.

As a fan of day-to-day Copenhagen, it’s spine tingling to think of what the city could pull off when it puts its mind into things.

There’s so much going on, it’s difficult to know where to start, but by just taking a glance at the Wondercool website you’ll find loads to get your blood pumping. To keep things organised you can create your own Facebook itinerary via the site.

Here’s a quick selection:

The Modern meal is interpreted in I’m a Kombo – The Social Act at the Designmuseum Denmark – where you can take your own wine while you participate in a gastronomic adventure.

The architectural exhibition In Dialogue with the World shows how three significant Danish architectural studios developed their architectural style.

Four of the musically-powered films by Anri Sala’s are being shown in an exhibition of his work, which is rooted in personal experience and encompasses ‘both political awareness and an interest in human relations’.

Of course, there’s more including a gastro cruise, a tour of the famous (infamous?) Louisiana, jazz and other music coming out of your eyeballs, an investigation into fashion and identity Plus there’s the chance to sample the ultimate organic currywurst. Need we mention the much, much more…?

Watch the movie to get a flavour of what’s on offer, and point your feet to Wondercool.