Helen Snell

Exhibition of the week: New Territories, Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Helen Snell

The New Territories exhibition features the work of recently voted-in members of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and helps to further blur the lines between art and craft.

Of the artists involved in the show, one uses paper, another works with textiles and there are five who use ceramicists for their variety of kiln-cooked creations.

The exhibiting artists are Ekta Kaul (textiles), Gail Trezise (ceramics), Hans Borgonjon (ceramics), Helen Snell (paper), Isla Chaney (ceramics), Linda Gates (ceramics), Lynn Stevens (ceramics) and Rosanna Martin (ceramics).

Helen Snell, who’s currently holding a residency in the laser cutting studios at Plymouth College of Art, uses paper to playfully explore the process of reproduction whether it be with reference to the ethical debate surrounding biotechnology, genetics, sex and consumerism, or with the ideas of mass production and uniqueness.

Ekta Kaul creates luxurious silks, sumptuous pashminas and soft linens are embroidered and handprinted in bold vivid colour and rich textures.

Now to the ceramicists: Gail Trezise is inspired by nature around the coastline with rock pools and the creatures that inhabit them for her exploration into the unconventional world using alternative moulds. Hans Borgonjon brings a philosophical edge to his ceramics and Isla Chaney makes one-off sculptural pieces hand-built in stoneware or porcelain. Icon images of futurnite of the 50s influence Linda Gates’s slip cast earthenware. Lynn Stevens creates porcelain tablelights using piercing techniques that create warmly ornate shadows and Rosanna Martin makes individually hand-thrown porcelain cylinders inspired by the making process and her physical reactions and responses to it.

The New Territories exhibition is at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen’s Riverside Gallery until Sunday, February 20.

(image: Slow Speed Boat by Helen Snell)