Lincoln Kirby-Bell

Solo exhibition by Lincoln Kirby-Bell studio potter, Newlyn Cornwall at 45 Southside

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Lincoln Kirby-Bell

Newlyn is Lincoln Kirby-Bell’s most recent adopted home after studying and working around the world, including Germany as well as Central and South America.

His love for ceramics began on his parents’ farm in his native Australia. His father would bring clay from the farm dam home, from which a four year old Lincoln would form farm animals. This combined with an interest in historical ceramics and archaeology has led Lincoln Kirby-Bell to a very successful career as a ceramic artist. He is internationally well established, collected and exhibited, particularly in Australia.

The basic elements of the decoration, he employs, can be found in all ancient civilizations: spots, spirals, circles, linear patterns and stripes. He combines these with his distinctive choice of colour and raised decoration technique to create colourful and tactile pieces. His work is witty and fun, yet designed with attention to detail and functionality.

His exhibition at 45 Southside shows both his tableware range consisting of individually thrown and decorated vessels as well as his larger unique vases, wall plates and sculptural works.

Special pebbles painted in Lincoln’s signature style (image attached) will be hidden in Plymouth and the surrounding area. Anyone who finds a pebble can bring it along to 45 Southside for 10 per cent discount on Lincoln’s work. Here’s a tip – look out for them at scenic spots!

• The exhibition runs from Sunday, May 23 to Monday, June 14