Nurture your curiosity

How quickly that childhood creativity and curiosity fades into the grey grind of daily existence.

Ok, so maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed, but just take a look at the video.

The wide-eyed wonder, exploration, creativity and just darned get-up-and-go of youth is subsumed within a monochrome world of grown-up drudgery.

Personally, I blame the institutions who are keen to put their hallmark of monotony onto all things educational, and turn the smorgasbord of learning into a thin gruel. Either that or the demise of Polaroid cameras.

But all is not lost, according to plant people Alpro, who provided the vid, and extol the power of eating plants to keep that healthy curiosity alive.

Alpro has created a whole range of foods based on plants. This is what they say: “So much good stuff grows straight from the ground; grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses, all packed with essential nutrients, freshness and flavour. We simply turn some of them into delicious things to eat, drink and enjoy.”

See, that’s sparked your curiosity. You might have thought the human race had explored the whole eating plants thing, but take a look at the Alpro range, and you may be surprised.

Alpro make drinks, yogurt alternatives, desserts, cream alternatives and a funky coffee creation called Alproccino and Alprolatte, with no animal fat and low in saturated fat ‘every cup is simply brimming with pure plant goodness’.

Watch the film and be inspired to re-ignite your creativity, and check out the Alpro story and products. Remember, it all starts with the green sheets of curiosity.