Spring Forward Festival

Share, Strive, Support and See with The Spring Forward Festival of dance in Somerset

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Share, Strive, Support and See! shouts The Spring Forward Festival in Somerset, and it’s shouting about dance!

Spring Forward engages the young people of Somerset in all aspects of dance and the Spring Forward Festival is a chance for all to ‘Share, Strive, Support and See’ that experience.

Katey Leader, a dance practitioner working with young people for Spring Forward says: “It just feels really valuable, like this is something in their life that might make a difference. So we are talking about changing their life as opposed to just taking part in a dance class for an hour.”

The Spring Forward Festival offers young aspiring dancers to perform on stage at one of Somerset’s professional venues and share their work with their peers. There’s also career development for teachers and dance practitioners. And practical dance workshops for children and young people.

Plus there are some great opportunities to see professional dance companies performing in Somerset throughout March and April.

To find out more about The Spring Forward Festival, pop over to the page on Somerset’s Take Art site. And to read the online brochure so you can plan and book, take a look at the online brochure.



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