creative lighting in your home

A little bit of preparation and creative vision can transform your home

Preparation is key to any creative project, and with just a bit of it you can transform any room in just a day.

Interior designer Charlotte Pearson is passionate about interior design. And changing a room from a spare room into somewhere you want to be doesn’t have to be hard.

The key is preparation, preparation, preparation. Not only does Charlotte recommend a mood board – great for all projects – but also making sure everything fits before going headlong and gung-ho into the new project. Take, for example, putting stickers on a wall for added interest, try putting them up with tape to see what they look like before firmly affixing them. A bit of planning could save time and scraping.

Second on Charlotte’s planning requirements is colour. She advises you to work out your colour in advance and go for the 60:30:10 approach. 60% being your main colour – your walls, for example; 30% being your secondary colour; and 10% being your accent colour, where you can have some real fun.

“Chances are the room that you use the least and may want to transform could be a small room,” says Charlotte. In that case you want to create the illusion of space. To do that, you need to draw the eye up with interesting elements on the ceiling.

That journey can be further enhanced with lighting.

“Personally, I think lighting is a fundamental part of creating a wow-factor room,” says Charlotte. “Done well, it has the ability to transform something mediocre into something amazing.” Think about bringing the lighting all the way down to the floor from the ceiling, and all places in between.

And when that’s done, there are still the final, often personal, finishing touches.

“Think about how you can dress a room,” says Charlotte, it can make all the differences. And to do this, think about what you already have, what shows your personality and use it in a slightly different way.

Apparently, if prepared correctly all this can get done in a day – fittingly the video is from HSBC’s One Day Mortgage Service, and the Huffington Post’s property pages.

Watch the film to capture Charlotte’s enthusiasm and see how simple, well-planned changes can add more to your home.