The Call

The Call: new short film for style obsessives from BoConcept

Bold, elegant, and with more than a touch of confident élan, The Call is a new short film featuring Mads Mikkelsen and Malin Buska from the furniture people BoConcept.

The original BoConcept production – they point out it isn’t an ad – is a story in its own right and,  along with the actors, stars the furniture. It was even filmed on location in Valencia, in the villa of BoConcept designer Morten Georgsen.

It’s a beautiful setting, with beautiful furniture.

The Call follows the story of two actors going through their lines, and as the evening develops they are interrupted by a call on Mads’ mobile phone.

Initially the mysterious Florence could be a romantic conquest, but it quickly transpires that she’s an attentive interior designer hell bent on finding the right colour combination for one of Mads’ chairs. You’ve got to admire her commitment!

Watch the film and see for yourself if she picks right – Mads certainly thinks so!

The furniture certainly is robust and loses none of its style as Mads and Malin romp around on it. But if you think that kind of elegance is for movie stars and the like, think again! There’s a competition to win £7,500 of interior design from the BoConcept people. All you have to do is click through and tell them why you should be treated to such luxury.

While you’re there see if you can spot some of the furniture in The Call. For example, the Mezzo sofa has a central role, and the film ends with Mads lounging in the iconic Imola chair.

You may remember Mads Mikkelsen from his role as Le Chiffre in the James Bond movie Casino Royale, but did you know he bagged the Best Actor Award in Cannes 2012 for his role in the renowned Danish film The Hunt, or that his performance in The Salvation received standing ovations at Cannes 2014? At the moment, when he’s not enjoying BoConcept’s furniture, he’s in the lead role of hit TV series Hannibal.

Malin Buska won the Rising Star award at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2011.

The Call is the first of two BoConcept films, with The Guest being released later in the year.

To get a taste of the set design – or at least the furniture that will be on show – watch The Call and click through to explore what BoConcept has to offer, or to win your own personal interior decoration service and BoConcept furniture to go with it for the value of £7,500.

the Call – bedroom

Plus, go ‘behind the scenes’ on the BoConcept website with interviews, set design information and exclusive details on the stunts involved.