Ikea time travel

Think of a dramatic future in Ikea bedrooms and bathrooms

In the future, will you be able to get black crystals of denial at Ikea?After watching the future of some Ikea shoppers played out in front of them, that black crystal would be top of our shopping list!

But first some background… as you may remember, Ikea are bigging up their new catalogue with a time travel experiment (as opposed to the usual balloons).

They figure that the best way to demonstrate their range is to have potential life-changing everyday events take place in their bedrooms and bathrooms. So to fast-forward to the future Ikea worked with hypnotist Justin Tranz, who obliged by soothing some showroom volunteers to their doom-laden future.

To see exactly what goes on, take a look at the video. But from our point of view they brought all their troubles on themselves. Blame the parents is a good fall-back, even for those hypnotised into the position. And especially if they are willing to serve cake in bed. You are just asking for trouble people! Unless, the Ikea beds of the future have a de-crumbing device – now that would be useful!

“With the new Ikea catalogue we want to inspire people to look at their home in new ways, especially the bedroom and bathroom – where the everyday begins and ends,” says Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at Ikea.

And we’re guessing a lot of conflict occurs.

Theirs didn’t seem a solution to the brattish child of the future in the Ikea world, but we’re hoping there would be some great storage solutions, that at least would ease the mind of the put-upon parents. Watch the film to find out the time travelling challenges they have to face.