Time travel with Ikea

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Ikea has been letting people to live in the future today. The Swedish furniture firm has been carrying out a time travelling experiment with the help of a hypnotist, some willing volunteers and their new bedroom and bathroom ranges.

Ikea invited hypnotist Justin Tranz (who’s got more than 6,000 stage shows in Vegas under his velour waistband), to put couples willing to be hypnotized into a trance. To be fair, after a couple of hours traipsing around the store it might not have been that hard! We jest, of course.

They were then exposed to ‘potential life-changing everyday events in a predicted future everyday life’.

“At IKEA, we believe that life happens everyday,” reassured Ikea catalogue manager Johan Wickmark.

“That it’s on those seemingly ordinary days the magic happens, when life takes shape and changes, and it’s for those moments we create our products and solutions.”

And those life-changing moments are being confined to bedrooms and bathrooms at the moment.

“With the new IKEA catalogue we want to inspire people to look at their home in new ways, especially the bedroom and bathroom – where the everyday begins and ends,” said Johan.

It is all rather mysterious and intriguing. Take a look at the video to see Mr Tranz at work hypnotising the Ikea customers. But this is just a teaser. Two videos, both featuring young couples being hypnotized into believing they’re in their future will be released, supported by interviews with all participants. The first film is being released on August 20.

We’re firm believers that the future will be silver, but what will the Ikea’s version of the future look like? And what life-changing everyday event will the hypnotizees encounter? Click through the film to keep in the know.