Devon Open Studios: Ulrika-Igraine Munoz-Alarcon

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Devon is home to clay, so it’s kinda interesting that clay and Devon have attracted Swedish-born former performance artist Ulrika-Igraine Munoz-Alarcon, who’s taking part in Devon Open Studios.

Ulrika-Igraine doesn’t just work in clay, she’s a ceramicist and graphic artist, and she combines traditional methods of working in clay with cutting-edge digital technology in her ceramics, jewellery and photography.

Her work plays with ideas, dreams and thoughts and her own personal mythology, with themes of mortality and connections between past and future.

For her jewellery, Ulrika makes her own beads and pendants and combines them with material found in charity shops.

Ulrika is also a volunteer administrator and active member of Exeter Visual Arts (EVA).

Visit Ulrika-Igraine Munoz-Alarcon at 39 Regents Park, Exeter

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