Henry Bruce's

Art on the English Riviera, free art exhibition at Cockington Court, Torbay

Henry Bruce's

Remember The Giant’s Chair at Widecombe in the Moor? The artist behind that fun sculpture, Henry Bruce, has his first outdoor sculpture since the oversized seat at Art on the English Rivera. Called Horizon Cube it wil be on show at Cockington Court.

Henry said: “Horizon Cube plays on perception. The cube, a platonic solid has it origins in antiquity and is associated with the earth. This sculpture, composed of man-made materials, at once jars with our perception of nature and yet sits comfortably within it.”

It’s all part of the Art on the English Riviera exhibition, which celebrates the new artist studios at Cockington Court and the opening of a Devon Guild of Craftsment outlet.

As part of Art on the English Riviera there will also be a Westcountry ceramics exhibition, featuring work from Bernard Leach, and a public participation event, Hazel Cloud, by Mike Fletcher.

Westcountry ceramics will be showcased with a selection loaned from The Dartington Hall Trust Collection and a private collector.

David Francis, director of arts, The Dartington Hall Trust, said: “We are really pleased to be able to loan pieces to Cockington from the Collection at Dartington for their exhibition Art on the English Riviera.

“Potters such as Bernard Leach and Marianne de Trey, who have both created work at Dartington, are important key figures in the early 20th century studio pottery movement.

“We are very happy to be able to work with other galleries and museums in order to find new audiences for these beautiful works of art.”

Also, the Hazel Cloud, a temporary public piece of land art, with hundreds of sticks, ranging from four foot to 24 foot, will be planted by members of the public from July 22 to July 27.

Hazel sticks will be covered with the red Devon soil and will change from silver to red during the week. During the following six weeks the weather will change the sticks back to hazel.

• Cockington Court Craft Centre will host the free art exhibition Art on the English Riviera from from Friday, July 22 to Monday, August 29.

As part of Art on the English Riviera, Volkhardt Mueller will be artist in residence at Deborah Treliving’s studio at Cockington Court