Architecture and design Plymouth

Cabinet: architects and designers question cultural heritage and public institutions

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Architecture and design Plymouth

Architecture and design can have quite an influence on its surroundings – that’s what we’re in this for, after all. Which is why we’re eagerly awaiting the Cabinet exhibition at Plymouth’s Peninsula Arts.

Thirteen artists and designers – Nick Klary, Mike Woods, Sana Murani, Doreen Bernath, Peter Quinn Davis (curator), Polly Macpherson, Adam Crowley Evans, Nick Gilbert-Scott, Roberto Fraquelli, Anthony Aldrich, Matt Emmett, Kerry Whittle, Roy Tam – were given free reign for inspiration in the archives and collections of Plymouth City Museum.

The responses, we’re told, are enthralling and unsettling, questing our cultural heritage and the relationship between the arts and public institutions.

Some are architectural environments that are perceptual and physical spaces as much as psychological ones.

Some redefine the way that we relate to our surroundings, others are personal, compelling, multi-sensory design experiences, composed of a range of different objects, images and forms.

• Cabinet is at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth from Saturday, May 14 to Saturday, June 25.