Breaking the Mould Clem So

Clem So’s Breaking the Mould on Show Me The Monet

Breaking the Mould Clem So
Clem So’s painting Breaking the Mould will appear on BBC Two’s Show Me The Monet on July 26 at 3pm

Devon based artist Clem So will appear on BBC Two art programme Show Me The Monet on July 26 at 3pm.

From an initial entry of 3,000 artists, amateur and professional, Clem So made it through to the final 150 and has been chosen to feature on the 15 episode reality TV show for artist’s.

Set in the lavish and palatial surroundings of Eltham Palace. So and his art submission, a portrait painting entitled Breaking The Mould will together face the arduous task of convincing the infamous Hanging Committee a panel of three of the world’s toughest art critics, of his artistic merit.

David Lee, Charlotte Mullins and Roy Bolton will all preside and pass judgment on his painting based on a three-tier criteria, which are technique, emotional content and originality. Two out of three ‘yes’ votes are required to enable So to be part of a prestigious exhibition at the London Mall Galleries.

So told ArtsCulture: “I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the outcome, but I promise you that there will be excitement, intensity, frayed emotions and controversy. Being in front of the Hanging Committee on National TV was the most hair-raising experience of my life, but please, don’t just listen to them, you be the judge and watch my trial.”

Show Me The Monet Series 2 will air at 3 pm, weekdays from Monday July 9 until Friday 27th July on BBC Two. And don’t forget to tune in to watch Clem So’s trial on Thursday, July 26, 3pm.

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