Diana Davydova

Diana Davydova’s Times of Tranquillity in Cockington Court

 Diana Davydova

Painter Diana Davydova‘s Times of Tranquillity exhibition will be at Cockington Court tea rooms.

Diana, who’s now based in Reading, studied contemporary fine art at Plymouth College of Art.

She says: “The period studying at PCA enabled me to develop a style and technique that I believe is based on a merging of my classical studies in Moscow with the contemporary approach and processes of PCA.”

Diana’s work creates recognizable objects that has been abstracted, as she toys with a metaphorical engagement with the world.

“My subject matter is generally related to the natural world as I find great inspiration in the diversity of colours, textures and the form of flowers and plants. Flowers have a long symbolic history, dark mystique powers and sexual charm and I find this subject very interesting to investigate,” says Dania.

Diana’s Pomegranite painting has been accepted by the Society of Women Artists and will be shown at the 150th Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London between June 29 to July 9.

The show in Cockington features works ‘that are intended to invoke an emotional response and stir the memories that the audience have experienced when they are alone and surveying the natural world around them’. It runs until Thursday, July 14.