Sister of

EXETER FRINGE: awarding-winning Sister Of tells of the story of Oedipus’s other daughter Ismene

Sister Of, translated by Judith Amsenga and Nick Bruckman, brings lauded Dutch playwright Lot Vekemans’ story of Greek anti-heroine Ismene – sister of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus – was at Exeter Fringe Festival on its way to London and Nottingham.

This is one of the many translations of award-winning writer Lot’s works, which have been performed in translation in Germany, France, Russia, Namibia, South Africa, Austria and Romania.

The play is performed by Judith Amsenga and directed by Nick Bruckman – a couple of hot properties themselves. With sound design by Helen Skiera.

Sister Of investigates the anti-heroine who is a footnote in the history of the famous ancient Greeks and their antics in Thebes.