Henry Bruce's Flourescent tree

Flourscent tree highlights plight of the countryside

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Henry Bruce's Flourescent tree
Henry Bruce's flourescent tree highlighting phytophthora as part of the Delamore Arts and Sculpture exhibition

Artist Henry Bruce – he of the controversial Giant’s Chair at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon – is painting a skeletal 21-metre high oak tree fluorescent pink to celebrate the beauty of nature and the evolving life of trees as part of the Delamore Arts and Sculpture exhibition.

Delamore founder Gavin Dollard hopes the project will also highlight the issue of the destructive phytophthora, known as ‘plant destroyer’ and the lack of action to deal with the consequences of the disease.

Henry said: “I see my work as an artist as process of investigation. My studies in Social Anthropology have led me into an enquiry into landscape and the human condition using three-dimensional form. I am passionate about raising awareness of the Phytophthora problem, which will affect many landowners.”

The Delamore Art and Sculpture exhibition will be held every day in May from 10.30am-4.30pm on the Delamore estate, Cornwood, Devon.