by Ione Rucquoi

Ione Rucquoi solo show in Totnes

by Ione Rucquoi

Ione Rucquoi has a solo exhibition at Totnes’ Bowie Gallery from July 8 to July 16.

This show is made up of a selection of works including some of Ione’s post pregnancy imagery and new works which give a foretaste of a large scale installation, Sanctae, she is currently working on.

The works have exhibited widely in Europe and in London, but this is the first time they’re getting an airing in Ione’s stomping ground – the South West. They address body image, including during and after pregnancy, both mental and physical, and guarantee to provoke.

The new project, Sanctae, will consist of 28 eight-foot high nude images of women, and aims to be  reminiscent of the saints depicted in Roman Catholic prayer cards, each with a gold leaf halo, which explore individual and shared female experiences that are simultaneously life-changing and everyday expectations and sacrifices.

(image: Stallion, by Ione Rucquoi)