Bideford / Manteo Postcard Exchange.

North Devon and North Carolina link up with postcards

Bideford / Manteo Postcard Exchange.

The Bideford / Manteo Postcard Exchange exhibition opens on Friday, June 3 from 6pm to 8pm at the Burton Art Gallery, Bideford and from 4pm at the Dare County Arts Gallery, Manteo, North Carolina.

The exhibition of artists handmade postcards continues to Monday, June 6 at the Burton Art Gallery and from Wednesday, June 8 at Bideford Post Office.

Bideford and Manteo are sister cities, connected historically through the 1587 Lost Colony under command of Sir Richard Grenville, Bideford’s Lord of the Manor; and more recently through the town twinning.

The show, which has been organised on this side of the Atlantic by the Bideford Bay Creatives, is also up for the month of June at the Dare County Arts Gallery in Manteo, NC, and is part of a  programme of exhibitions, residencies, collaborations and educational activity that will be developed, leading to new work being created and shared with both communities.