Revisions and Propositions

Public print action turns 12,000 brochures into unique works of art

Revisions and Propositions

A public print action at the Exeter Phoenix will complete the process of turning every one of the 12,000 Exeter Open Studios brochures for this year’s programme into a unique art document, from 6pm-8pm on Monday, October 17.

The event launches Revisions and Propositions, a series of interventions in Exeter that brings together three international artists on an open journey through the city. Each artist has hand stamped the Revisions and Propositions brochure page with an individual “signature” image, creating a series of three to collect.

The artists’ interventions in the city will be documented on the Revision and Propositions website. Further work will be shown as part of the Exeter Open Studios event on November 4-6.

Revisions and Propositions (Sarah Bennet, Andy Klunder and Volkhardt Muller) hope that their activity will stimulate discussion about the nature and dynamic of privately owned public space in the city and its relationship to the wider land- scape.

Volkhardt said: “As well as advertising our own activities this action adds value by turning what is a mass-produced disposable item into a unique object deserving closer inspection and more careful consideration. We know that some people have already secured for themselves all three.”

Exeter Open Studios Co-ordinator, Katya Romankevich said: “It is an aim of Exeter Open Studios to promote both more traditional fine arts forms as well as more conceptual and participatory work and exiting and unpredictable projects in the making. This is just the kind of thing one would expect to happen in a vibrant place like Exeter and EOS are pleased to be hosting the first action.”